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Span Diagnostics

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Chemical Reagents, Antibiotic Disc, Instruments..

Blood Glucose Monitors

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Glucose is a form of sugar produced when the body digests carbohydrates (sugars and starches). Glucose is the body's major ..

Olympus Microscopes

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The Olympus fluorescence and brightfield microscope and camera system that allows you to capture high quality microscope images ..

About Company

Image 4Paragon Diagnostics is a dedicated provider of products and services to the Clinical Laboratory industry in India. The experience and expertise that we have gained a respected and trusted organization.

We derive our strength through enduring relationships with customers, based on our commitment to deliver valuable products and timely end-user support.



News 1 Dealers of Speciality Diagnostics

Clinical Chemistr,Serology,Immuno Turbidimetry,Rapid Tests, Point of Care, Instrumentation, Micro Pipettes...

News 2 Suppliers of Clinical Lab Requirements

Blood Glucose Monitors, Microscopes, Chemistry Analyzer, Blood Analyzers..